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Premium Numeric Domain Name for sale.
Numeric domains sales are still going strong.  Published reports show that numeric domains made up a little more than 20% of the top 25 domain sales this year, with reportedly selling for $225,000 just this week.

The question raised most often in connection with these types of sales is why would any company want to use a numeric domain?  Recent articles have touted the sale of numeric domains abroad, especially to Chinese buyers, but numbers have meaning to people all over the world and have always been a great way to personalize communications.  Popular self-expressions include sports jerseys and other memorabilia imprinted with an athlete’s special number, as well as numeric vanity license plates.  These things express to the world that the numbers have special meaning to the bearer.  Similarly, numbers sometimes have meanings and messages behind them that relate to a company’s brand.

Domain Price: $4,999   Payment plan available

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Tomas Korpa
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