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buttermilk is still cultured milk, similar to natural yogurt and kefir, but instead of being a by-product of churning most dairies inoculate fresh, pasteurized milk with cultures (harmless lactic acid bacteria) that transform it into the buttermilk we buy in bottles and cartons in stores. Although it looks and tastes rich and creamy, traditional churned buttermilk was always nonfat because all the fat wound up in the homemade butter. These days, cultured buttermilk can range from skim to full-fat with corresponding calorie count, just like yogurt and sour cream, although most of what we buy in stores is low-fat.

One of the charms of buttermilk is that it keeps longer than most other dairy products, plus it has myriad uses, so it’s not difficult to use it up. After a few days in the fridge, buttermilk separates into solids and whey, but if it comes back together when shaken, it’s usable, even if it’s a couple of days beyond the freshness date. Cultured products are forgiving.

Buttermilk freezes well, so there is no need to waste a drop. Just pour it into to containers the size you use most often in your favorite recipes, such as 1 or 1/2 cup, so that you don’t have to measure it again after thawing. If you’re not sure how you’ll use it later, freeze it in 1-tablespoon portions in ice cube trays so that you can pull out the number of cubes needed to add up to the amount called for in a future recipe. Thaw frozen buttermilk in the refrigerator overnight or on reduced power in the microwave.


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