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The global excavator market size was valued at USD 37.29 billion in 2016. The industry has witnessed substantial growth owing to rising investments in the construction sector, particularly in emerging countries including India, China, and South Korea. Excavators are hydraulic equipment that consist of a house and undercarriage with a bucket attached to its arm.

Upswing in the number of large-scale projects in the mining, road and port construction, and oil and gas construction sectors have led to a surge in demand for excavators on a global level. Emergence of concept of excavator rentals is another major driving factor as it enables operators and manufacturers to utilize equipment without heavy capital investments and make maximum utilization of the equipment.

Technology-enabled excavators are more efficient than traditional equipment as they save time and provide information to service centers in case of any malfunction or operational drawbacks. Owing to stringent regulations related to emission control, equipment manufacturers are developing environment-friendly equipment.

Some of the key roadblocks in the upward climb of the market are high maintenance cost, continuous technical support, and stringent emission norms. The foremost function of manufacturers is to build efficient and technologically-advanced equipment, which fulfills the norms and caters to needs of end users.

Mini/compact excavators accounted for USD 7.76 billion in 2016. These excavators are expected to lose market share over the coming years. Crawlers and mini/compact excavators are widely popular in the U.S. due to their strong demand in the residential sector. However, heightened demand for excavators by the rental and energy development industries is estimated to lower the demand for new equipment over the forecast period.


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