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Dictionary Domain Names

Dictionary Domain Names

Value of Dictionary Word Domains

In the world of competitive internet advertizing and search engine optimization strategy, most of the good and useful single word domains are registered. Search engines show favor to domain that match searched keywords or exact match domains, but this is reduced when a domain name is longer or too big. A short domain names thus almost guarantees that it will create a top search result with little help of SEO when that particular word is searched for. Now do you understand why these types of domains are so valued?

Despite the fact that many are registered, there are still great rewards to the user who refuses to give up pursuit of a dictionary word. An available one word domain name might seem to have little or no practical value. Chances are, it is a word that is not commonly spoken or thought of and thus seems useless. In many cases, this is true. But imagine if in the near future someone makes a company or starts a business with this keyword. Then you will have the domain name that company wants for their website and they will need to buy it from you. This is why single word domain names are worthwhile. It pays to research growing companies and consider the names businesses will find most valuable. And this is the another reason there are many one word domains for sale .Perhaps you can also try to grab or keep an eye on the list of all available dictionary domain names.

The benefits of using dictionary domains are astounding!

They provide you with:

    • Type-In Traffic – Most dictionary domains provide you a generic type-in traffic. This is simply to say that people can type the domain name into their browser and visit the site without needing to use a search engine. The names are short and very easy to remember.


    • High Value – Dictionary domains have a phenomenal value potential particularly if they have the .COM extension because they are very easy to remember and visitors are much more likely to visit a site with a shorter URL that is hard to forget.


  • Domain Age – The age of dictionary domains also make them very valuable. Most single word domains are already taken but they do often expire or are sold in domain auctions. Because they are normally several years old and constantly registered they are highly valuable domains.


Most expensive domain names publicly reported

Most of the expensive domain names ever sold are dictionary english words domain names.

Domain Price Sale date $35.6 million 2010 $35 million 2007 $30.18 million 2012 $18 million 2009 $17 million 2015 $16 million 2009 £9.99 million 2008 $13 million 2010 Nov. 17 $11 million 2001 $9.5 million 2007 $8,888,888 2015 February $8.5 million 2010 November $7.5 million 1999 December $7.5 million 2006 $7 million 2004 $6 million 2011 March $5.88 million 2008 May $5.5 million 2003 $5.5 million 2010 $5.1 million 2009

Sourse: Joe Styler a GoDaddy product manager


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