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Attention StartUp businesses, Inventors & Innovators

Get a free domain access!

Are you an inventor or a startup business? Choose any of our domain names labeled as “StartUp” and use the domain name for free. Propertors® support a new ideas, inventions, and/or innovations, making the world a better place to live.

How it works:

All startup businesses, inventors or innovators have a chance to get a free access to our domain names. Starting a new business is not an easy task, and it may get costly as well. Propertors® owns many brand-able domains, short domains, keyword rich domains or dictionary one worded domains, which may be a perfect fit to your needs. Just find the right domain name you’d like to use for your project, and Propertors® will let you use the domain name for 6 to 12 months free of charge without any obligations. Once you get on your feet, you can purchase the domain name, or just move on. Select a Domain Name and fill up the form bellow. Propertors® will review all submitted requests.

Please note: Propertors® does NOT guarantee, your application will get approved!