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The U.S. household appliances market size was valued at USD 43.34 billion in 2016. The growing popularity of induction cooking technology in the wake of rising fuel prices and the changing lifestyle of consumers with increasing number of nuclear families has increased the dependence of users on the household devices and hence is expected to significantly drive the home appliances market.

Double ovens were first introduced in the 1980s. General Electric describes the advantages of the double oven in an ad this way: “[The] double oven allows you to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures at the same time.” There are, in fact, many other advantages to owning a double oven.

Cook Different Flavours

Have you ever been burdened with with an instance such as having to put fish in the oven at the same time you wanted to bake brownies? No one wants to bake these two items at the same time. The smell of the fish might alter the taste of the brownies.

Double Oven Info boasts about this advantage, “cook multiple items of different types” (reference 1). Cook the fish in the upper oven and the brownies on the lower oven.


Timing food preparation so that everything is ready at the same time is hard; especially when one dish requires a preheated temperature of 375 degrees and the other dish requires broiling on 500 degrees. As one dish finishes cooking, the second dish begins. Therefore the first dish begins cooling off, while the second dish cooks.

Using two ovens can eliminate this hassle of food preparation. No one wants a cold meal, but with double ovens you can cook different items on different temperatures, timing the final product perfectly.

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