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Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. Evidence indicates the area within present-day Jerusalem was settled as far back as the Copper Age, sometime in the fourth millennium BC. There is also some evidence that a permanent settlement could have existed as early as Bronze Age, around 3000 to 2800 BC.

Digitization has permanently reshaped the global entertainment and media (E&M) ecosystem. Content has become more immersive and available on demand. Digital platforms have proliferated, creating more direct and personalized distribution. The competition for user engagement and spending has never been more brutal. All these developments have significantly disrupted the flow of E&M revenues. Gone are the days when TV networks, film studios, or companies of any kind could thrive on one, two, or even three reliable revenue sources. Today, profitable growth increasingly depends on having five, six, or even more revenue streams — an often fluid portfolio of bets on businesses and products that extend beyond traditional sources of monetization.

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