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We go by the Southern definition of barbecue, which means the end product — i.e., what you get when you slow cook hunks of meat over a wood and/or charcoal fire. We know barbecue is not what happens when you throw a porterhouse on a propane-fueled grill, it’s not the metal contraption you cook it on, and it’s not the party you throw in your backyard. We don’t “barbecue” meat. We smoke it, we cook it, we even grill it. But we eat barbecue. 

In this world of growing food interest and entrepreneurial spirit, the drive to determine your own lifetime career, work for yourself, and potentially build an empire and legacy to be remembered by has, and will continue to, spurn on new edible businesses. Gems are discovered every day as people explore their creative ideas, setting their life’s income around ideas unique, set into decades of tradition, or a combination of the two. And what do these often come out of? Why, nothing more than a person’s love and hobby in making delicious things that people love; or a drive to learn about something else new and then spread it around. This alone has served to launch thousands of new business owners towards success, and BBQ enthusiasts make up a large percentage of this.

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